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  • What does a walk include?
The price includes collection and drop off at your home, transport to a suitable walking spot, a wash down with warm water at the end of the walk if your dog is dirty, a towel dry and a spray of doggy cologne. Plus we can refresh water bowls and feed your dog once back home, if food is prepared ready for us, if you are not at home.

  • Can you hold keys for my home so you can walk my dog when I'm not there?
We can hold your keys if required, which will be kept in a safe place away from any identifying paperwork we have for you.  We never use keys to gain access to your home unless you have arranged this with us beforehand. We welcome and encourage the use of  CCTV to monitor us in your home at any time during collection and drop off.

  • What time are walks?
Collections take place generally around 9.00am and 11.30am and 1pm.  Your dog will usually be out for two hours or so, depending on travel time to collect other dogs and the location of the walk. The duration of the walk may go over one hour (depending if the schedule allows this) to give the dogs extra time out.

  • Will you assist with any training needs and adhere to any training regime we are working on? Will you give us regular reports on our dogs progress?
Yes, our walks always include training, as it is so important to be in control when walking in public areas. Just let us know your requirements at the meet and greet and we'll go from there. We have extensive knowledge in basic training and behavioural issues and how to deal with them, so rest assured your dog will have fun but in a structured way.

  • Are dogs assessed before pack walks? Will my dog be walked with aggressive dogs?
All dogs are fully assessed to ensure they meet our requirements for pack walks.  Aggressive dogs are NEVER walked on pack walks, we have solo walks for these dogs.

  • How many dogs will you walk at once?
Up to six dogs (per walker) will be walked at any one time when in public areas. When in a private secured field or the Woof Pack Playground, we may take more dogs.

  • Will my dog be let off lead?
You will have been asked to sign a document that informs us of whether you permit us to let your dog off lead. If you do not allow it, your dog will be kept on lead at ALL TIMES unless we are in a private secured field or the Woof Pack Playground which is also fully secured.
Although if you do permit off lead time, we will occasionally feel it is safer for them to be kept leashed, if we don't feel their recall is reliable enough to ensure their safety.

  • Will my dog be left unattended in your vehicle at any time?
Collection and drop off routes are planned so as to ensure your dog spends the minimum amount of time in the vehicle.  Air conditioning is provided during summer months and drinking water en route.  Drop off and pick up are super quick so your dog is not left unattended for more than a few minutes. We always try and park where we can see the vehicle also.

  • Will my dog come home muddy after a walk?
We always give the dogs a wash down with warm water and towel dry after any dirty walk.  If your dog has a particularly thick coat, they may still be quite wet when they arrive home.  If you wish us to leave them in a particular room when dropping off, please do let us know.

  • Where do you walk?
We always walk in the countryside, beach and shore areas (except for some solo walks), away from main roads and try to visit different places to provide extra stimulation and new sights and smells for your dogs.

  • I work shifts, can I change my walks weekly?
Yes, we book walks weekly on a Friday for the following week. Sometimes a walking space may not be available.

  • Will you walk my dog even in the rain, cold, snow, heat?
We will always walk your dog no matter how cold or wet it is outside.  All dogs need exercise and mental stimulation, regardless of the weather. During hot weather, walks will be carried out but may be shortened.  We will walk in the woods and/or by water so dogs remain cool.  Walks may also be replaced by home visits and garden let outs if it really is too hot. You will be notified of this and charged accordingly of course.

  • Will my dog be taken to the vet if they injure themselves?
We will always contact you or your emergency contact if something happens, so you can decide on a course of action.  If we can not get hold of you, we will take your dog to your registered vet or a closer one if it is considered a real emergency. We are Pet First Aid trained and always carry a first aid kit, so any small cuts and abrasions can be dealt with.

  • Can I cancel my walk once booked?
You can cancel your walk free of charge if you contact us at least 24 hours before the walk is due to take place. If less than 24 hours, a full charge will apply.